We are a proud New Zealand-based company with a focus on high-quality services. At Brows & Beyond, we provide people with all the innovative solutions and guarantee their satisfaction. So if you are one of these people who wants to become even more beautiful then our services are for you as well. We offer you Membrane Postcare and ensure that this comprehensive program will deliver the most exciting results you are looking for. Due to these services, your skin will be well-hydrated and moisturized. When you get Membrane Postcare any discomfort will be minimized as we take care of our patients’ comfort and satisfaction. We pride ourselves on offering the finest methods combined with unique approaches you won’t find anywhere else. Taking this service you will get an immediate feeling of freshness. As a very effective service, it will help you remove any kind of pigment from a tattooed skin as well as close the pores and lock in the pigment. After some time, you will notice the final result and enjoy it.

Membrane Postcare is designed for all skin types and it is suitable for post care of all minor burns, cuts, wounds, tattoos, micropigmentation of face, body and plasma lift. The specialists of Brows & Beyond are always ready to take care of your skin in a unique way leaving it breathable. We provide support to the tissue without compromising its natural healing mechanisms. This means that our whole team is dedicated to offering awesome services based on the best methods. We at Brows & Beyond, want to help all our patients gain confidence and change their life to a better one. Our clinic has become a one-stop solution for everybody and we are committed to developing a specialized care to each and every person. So don’t hesitate to contact us at Brows & Beyond and we will use the needed top-class facilities to meet your special demands. Your perfect experience with us is guaranteed, so let us help you reach your skin goals in no time!