Once your cosmetic tattoo session is completed, the colour will look around 50% darker than what it will after healing. The colour will lighten and soften over the next few days. The area will feel a little tender, which is normal.

You will be advised to use a good aftercare balm to help with your cosmetic tattoo aftercare which aids the skin in its healing process. You will need to apply it on a SPARINGLY over the first week and then twice a day for the second week. Half a rice grain amount is enough, any more you will smother the area, and stop the air getting to the area needing to heal.

Aftercare points:

  • Avoid sun exposure on the area for the first 14 days. It can cause fading and colour change. Make sure to apply sunscreen to protect the area;
  • Do not apply makeup for at least 48 hours after the treatment;
  • Do not use soap or cleansers on the area for one day following the treatment;
  • Once crusting begins, do not pick it. It will fall off naturally;
  • If you’ve had cosmetic tattoo on your lips, do not use teeth whitening toothpaste, as chemicals in it can affect the colour;
  • If you’ve had cosmetic tattoo on your lips, you need to apply cream constantly as your lips will be very dry;
  • Do not stay in hot sauna or steam room for the next two weeks after the treatment;
  • If you had a cosmetic tattoo on your eyelids, then it is not necessary to apply any cream, but only a small amount if needed.