With many various eyebrow tattooing techniques, it is easy to get confused as to which one you should go for. Here I wanted to discuss thethree main methods I offer at my beauty clinic and hopefully help you understand what each involves.

Hair Strokes Brows

This technique is also called 3D Hair Strokes Brows which is a cosmetic tattooing procedure that produces the most natural eyebrow look. The colour pigment is implanted using fine hair strokes. This way it allows tattooed area look as if it is filled with natural hair. This method suits people with no eyebrows, minimal eyebrows or those who want the most natural look. With the incredibly realistic looking results, many people are choosing this method for their eyebrow tattooing over other options.

Powder Filled Brows

This cosmetic tattoo technique produces soft eyebrows resembling eyebrows that have been powdered with conventional eyebrow makeup. Colour pigment is implanted into the skin with the help of two needle types, which are gradually built to look like full eyebrows. You can achieve well-defined eyebrows using this technique. This technique will look quite dark initially however will fade out to get that beautiful soft powdered, groomed look you will love. Eyebrows created with this method will last longer than the hair stroke method, because the pigment covers a larger area of the brow area. Refreshers should be carried out every 2-3years.


This technique is produced with a manual tool to create strokes and colour mimicking natural hairs. Microblading is still a tattoo, however it will fade away with time and your lifestyle factors will play a big part in its longevity. Eyebrows tattooed using this method will last a little less than powder filled brows and also less than Hairstroke Nano Brows.