There is a reason why so many women of all ages are taking advantage of the super quick way of enhancing their natural beauty – permanent make up or Cosmetic Tattooing. It is accessible and affordable, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t try it too. The benefit is priceless – you wake up with already applied make up that suits your face shape and individual preferences.

For older women, permanent make up takes years off their appearance providing more youthful look. It is a much better and less drastic way than plastic surgery.


With age, we all lose body hair and this also applies to our eyebrows.

Getting your eyebrows tattooed provides a lifted, more awake look which also freshens the face. You’ll also be getting the brows to compliment your face shape.



We all know that tired eyes can add years to our appearance! Unfortunately, skin’s elasticity doesn’t last forever and as we age, we start getting wrinkles around our precious eyes.

With permanent eyeliner, the eyes look defined and lashes look fuller. Conventional eyeliner is also difficult to apply, so the benefit here is that you wake up every morning with the makeup done by an expert.



Thin lips without colour or definition can certainly make us look older. As we age, we lose pigment and the vermillion border is less defined. By defining lips with colour suitable to your face will make them look fuller and more youthful.