With daylight savings and temperatures rising, we are finally getting the first glimpse of summer.

The warm season doesn’t just bring happy moments and fun in the sun, but unfortunately, it also brings the hassle of reapplying your make up after swimming or sweating. Lots of women can relate to the scary moment of getting out of a swimming pool or sea to find their eyebrows are ‘no longer there’!

Summer can also get super busy with dates, coffee catch ups, events, meetings and so on. Time becomes more and more precious to have to do your make up in the morning and then to have to reapply it during the day.

Sweating in the sun or while exercising doesn’t help the situation either let along needing to apply sunscreen which messes up your make up as well.

And of course it needs to be mentioned that summer wouldn’t be the same without outdoor events and festivals! It’s all about spending quality time with your friends while roughing it for a few days and listening to sweet tunes!

Luckily there is a straightforward and effective solution to all of the above – permanent cosmetic tattooing! Not having to stress about the way you look, feeling confident, saving yourself precious time and enjoying your summer is what it’s all about! Frame your face with gorgeous brows, define your eyes and make them pop with perfect eyeliner and enhance your lips with beautiful ombre lip blend tattoo.