Yumi lash treatment has been getting popular over the last few weeks in New Zealand. You may have heard about it and are now curious… Well, let me explain what this lash treatment is.

Yumi lash treatment originated from Switzerland in 2008 to help women achieve full eyelash look without the need of applying fake lashes.

If you’d like your eyes to stand out and don’t want to wear fake lashes, Yumi lash technique should be your choice, as this brilliant procedure will add a natural-looking volume to your precious lashes. Your eyelashes will be treated to a permanent wave, but without any harsh chemicals and nourished with keratin solution or oil to strengthen them. This eyelash perm will last up to 8 weeks making your eye stand out with gorgeous full lashes.

What to expect from Yumi Lash Lift appointment:

–    You will be required to arrive without any makeup on,

–    The process will take around one and a half hours from start to finish,

–    It is pain-free and very comfortable. You will lie down with eyes closed, so it is also relaxing,

–    You will have pads under your eyes and on eyelids,

–    Your lashes will be combed, brushed and wiped with Yumi products some times until the process is completed,

–    The results are instant, and you will see your lashes curled and looking fuller,

–    No water, mascara or makeup is allowed to be applied to your new lashes for 48 hours after the treatment, as the product will continue to nourish your lashes for the following two days,

–    You may also get a keratin mascara to apply morning and night to moisturize and condition your new lashes to keep the results for longer.

If you’re interested in this treatment, please give me a call or email, and I will be more than happy to assist with gorgeous full lashes.