Cosmetic Tattoo also known as Microblading, Microstroking, 3D Brows, Feather Brows, Hairstroke Brows is certainly the hottest trend in the beauty industry right now.

You might be wondering why? Here are the reasons:

  • Natural, realistic eyebrows that do not look “fake”
  • The right eyebrow shape suitable for your face
  • The right eyebrow colour suitable for your hair shade
  • No need to use pencils or brow powders which smudge
  • Beautiful symmetric brows
  • No time to waste for drawing eyebrows every day
  • Swim and exercise without worrying about smudging your eyebrows

You should consider it for yourself if:

  • Your brows are thin due to years of plucking
  • Your brows are very fair and unnoticeable
  • You’d like to correct asymmetry
  • You have scars or gaps in your brows
  • You lead active lifestyle
  • You have allergy to conventional makeup
  • You are going through chemotherapy and losing hair
  • You have conditions like Alopecia

Remember that eyebrows frame the face and show emotion! If you’re thinking about getting a cosmetic tattoo but not sure, please get in touch to discuss your individual requirements and what can be done.